five major applications of 3D printers in current and future

Five major applications of 3D printers in current and future

3D printing technology is developing very fast. These days it is being used in many technical areas. 3D printing technology is catching up to its full speed. Its important role is coming out in almost all the technical, industrial and scientific areas. Following is the major five applications of 3D printers in current and future time:
  1. Medicine
  2. Architecture
  3. Industrial Manufacturing
  4. Art
  5. Education
3D Printers Medicine
3D Printers Medicine


The use of 3D printing in medicine dates back to the mid-1990s. At present there are a lot of 3d printing applications in medical sectors:
  • 3D printers makes different design, color, size, forms of prosthetics
  • 3D printers plays an important role in preparing for actual operations
  • 3D printers print medical equipment
  • 3D printers are used in bio-printing
  • 3D printed organs are very useful for doctors training
3D Printers Architecture
3D Printers Architecture


Use of 3D printers in architecture opens a new creative world. This technology improves the construction methods.
  • 3D printed object makes the design real.
  • The time spend on creating architectural scale model is reduced by 3D printers.
  • The architectural 3D models are editable.
  • 3D printers improves the accuracy of architectural 3D models.
3D Printers Industrial
3D Printers Industrial

Industrial Manufacturing

The possible use of 3D printers in industry is endless.
  • 3D printers are used in pattern casting.
  • The weight of vehicle parts are reduced when the parts are printed by 3D printers.
  • 3D printers also reduces the cost of the parts.
  • 3D printers improves the efficiency of the mechanical parts.
  • Attractive design can be made by 3D printers.
3D Printers Art
3D Printers Art


Now a days artists are using 3D printers for their creative expression. Artists utilize their imagination into tangible work of art by the use of 3D printers.
  • Film makers, game-designers have started using 3D printers in their art work.
  • 3D printers are used in modern sculptures, characters design.
  • A new art form is created by 3D printing technology.
  • 3D printers plays an important role in custom design-driven applications.
3D Printers Education
 3D Printers Education


Implementing 3D printing in educational works improves the teaching ability of teachers and learning ability of students. The practical approach of learning is a necessary part of educational process and 3D printing helps this process.
  • 3D printing improves the learning interest of student.
  • Difficult concept becomes visible by 3D printing technology.
  • Technology student can make their project by using 3D printers.
  • Medical students can print human organs, develop prosthetics and better understand the human body.


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