Major Components of a 3D printer | List of main components of a 3D printer

Major components of a 3D printer

In recent years 3D printers has revolutionized the various branches of manufacturing industry. Since the cost of 3D printer is decreasing day by day, it's becoming more accessible for people. A variety of 3D printers are used in various sectors like manufacturing of car accessories, 3D printing of human tissues and organs, manufacturing of 3D printed equipment of clinics and hospitals, 3D printing of micro batteries and many more.
Best 3D Printer
Best 3D Printer

 Thus 3D printers have become a necessity of various industries, organizations and individuals. So it is necessary to know all the important parts of a 3D printers. Understanding the various parts of  a 3D printer is very helpful for a beginner. Here all the major parts of a 3D printers are listed:
  • Frame
  • Stepper Motor
  • The Print Head / Extruder
  • Filament
  • Hot End
  • Nozzle
  • Print Bed
  • User interface
  • Controller
  • 3D software
3D Printer Parts
3D Printer Parts


Frame hold the machine and its components together. The frame keeps the 3D printer stable which is necessary during printing period. The frame must be solid. If the frame staggers during working period, the efficiency may be reduced.
 Most 3D printers are made of metals. Of these Aluminum frames are comparatively cheaper. Some 3D printers have enclosed frame which protects it from dust, heated components and many other particles. 

Stepper Motor

Stepper motor is responsible for mechanical motion of 3D printer. It is run by stepper driver. Stepper motor is connected to all three axes. It drives the print bed, the print head (extruder) and the lead screw.

The print Head / Extruder

Extruder is an important component of a 3D printer. Extruder holds the filaments in place and controls the amount that is fed into a hot-end.
 The 3D printer has one or two extruder. Dual extruders allow printing with support material. Support material is used for complex object. 


3D Printer Filament
3D Printer Filament

In a 3D printer filament is the material which is used for print object. It is similar to ink. Just as the ink is used in the 2D printer, filament works in the 3D printer. Filament is a thermoplastic or a composite. It comes in various diameters. Most 3D printers use 1.75mm or 2mm diameter filament.

Hot End

The hot end is very crucial part of 3D printer. Filament is melted in the hot end and then the filament is forced through the print nozzle.


Nozzle is the tip of the hot end. Molten plastic (filament) comes out through the nozzle. Nozzle sizes varies according to the design and desired result.

Print Bed

The print bed is the surface where the extruder print the object by depositing the filament through the nozzle. Just as the paper is used in the 2D printer, print bed works in the 3D printer. Most 3D printers use aluminum print bed but some also use glass print bed.
3D Printer Print Bed
3D Printer Print Bed

User Interface

Most 3D printers have a user interface with LCD screen. User interface allows the user to control the functions, adjust the working parameters of machine.


Controller is like a motherboard. It controls all the motions in 3D printers during operation. It works based on the command sent from a computer.

3D Printing Software

3D printing software serve multiple functions. There is a 3D modeling software which makes the 3D model of object. There are many other software which are used for various types of functions like sculpting and customizing. These software can be used by the computer and the data is sent to the 3D printer.
3D Printer Different Parts
3D Printer Different Parts


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